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    Mandarin Student Zack
    Mandarin Education School is a great place to learn Chinese and Chinese Culture.I've learned a lot in this school, my Chine...

    Learn Chinese Travel China
    If you want to learn Chinese and also discover China, Mandarin Education organize the most funny and cultural study tour. The...

    suzhou Mandarin Jude
    I am Jude, I am learning Mandarin in Suzhou Mandarin School,I was learning in Wuxi Mandarin Education too.I like my Chinse Teacher...

    chinese class
    Improve your reading, speaking and your writing by experiencing our teaching methods,Offer free student Visa. ...

    Wuxi Mandarin Jessie
    I've learned Chinese for almost 8 years, I can understand what Chinese people say,but when I speak, I feel very uncomfor...

    Chinese Internship or Jobs
    You are looking for a professional experience abroad? Get the opportunity to discover the Chinese business,Look for an ...

    Mandarinedu Student Florent
    I love my Wuxi Mandarin Education School. It is the EASY MANDARIN Learning way, I am learning faster than I wanted.My teach...

    Mandarin E Learning
    Mandarin Education School offers you Online Chinese Courses. It has never been so easier to have Chinese courses ...

    Mandarin Student Brad
    I am studying Chinese in Mandarin Education School. I can speak quit good Chinese and talk to Chinese people by myself. Thank...

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      Room 405, 4 Fl,Building No.8,

      Maoye Business Center,

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      New district , Wuxi City , China

        The People's Republic of China has over 22 provinces, 5 autonomous regions, 4 directly controlled municipalities (Beijing, Tianjin, Shanghai, and Chongqing), and 2 mostly self-governing special administrative regions (Hong Kong and Macau).

          With nearly 5000 years of history, China is the oldest civilization which still in exist today. Several dynasties succeeded, it began with the semi-mythological Xia of the Yellow River basin (approx. 2000 BC) and ending with the fall of the Qing Dynasty in 1911. His rich culture and heritage makes China as the third tourist destination in the world. Indeed, many amazing landscape or treasured heritage worth a visit : Beijing's Great Wall, Shanghai's Bund, Xian's Terracotta Army, Wuxi's Grand Buddha....
          China is one of the largest country in the world by land. One out of 6 person in the world is Chinese. With over 1,3 billion of inhabitant, Chinese economy is one of the most prosperous economy in the world. The society is actually completely changing : inflation, Chinese manners, western influence... Nowadays, the country is full of contrast : old and modern building, countryside and megapolis, rich and poor...

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